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"Thank you for covering such an important topic. I believe the focus on meditation has never been more important for humans than right now. Now is the perfect time to practice silence and solitude, and people need to use this as a time for growing and learning about themselves and the world around them in a deeper way. Our interconnectedness truly determines our future right now."

Tom K.
New York, NY

"The portal of opportunity shines in this community with each special guest and your presence, Karen and Eben. Thank you!"

Lynn Skinner

"What a generous and positive contribution you are both making in these testing and precarious times!..I am most grateful to you both...As I'm an older person living alone, your support and encouragement - as well as that of other spiritual teachers at present offering help - have been a veritable lifeline for me in my isolation. Your most important contribution by far is to remind us of what and who we truly are - cherished spiritual beings, One with the Infinite Love Energy that is the source of all that is. May your work continue to unfold as blessings to all beings!...Gratefully"

Thalia Vitali
United Kingdom

"Wow - thank you so much! I had been feeling a lot of anxiety that mutated into depression this morning, but after doing the meditation (I did the full one from the download) I am just feeling wonderful and very grateful!"

Anne B.
Los Angeles, CA

"I am feeling deep gratitude for the work you are both doing. What a huge blessing you have found each other and are combining your gifts and sharing them with the world. I love that you have created an online connection and creatively shifted your in-person work to this media. Eben, I saw your heart open to Grace as you spoke about health care workers on the front line. I admire your ability to be vulnerable, feel your feelings, even if for a second. Your near immediate healing response is to go to Source and connect, then pray for others. It is almost like fight or flight, but it is the fear to faith healing response that is your go-to. What a blessing this is to witness. Melodie Beatty called it (your emotional reaction) "joy filled pain or pain filled joy". So each of us can go within, unify with our Beloved, ask for guidance, affirm our Truth (of Wholeness vs. sickness, of abundance vs. lack), know and believe our health care providers get their needs met and receive the right equipment to do the job. Whatever we give our attention to, manifests. With love, gratitude, and allowing trust."

Sue Cacibauda, RN
Reno, NV

"Thank you for sharing this amazing truth I am so very blessed to be part of this journey and the gratitude fills my Heart."

Maryke Ball
South Africa

"Thank you so much for your calm and graceful wisdom. I am a retired Supreme Court Judge and Queens Counsel (SC). In my career in Law at the Bar and on the Bench I witnessed some of the most appalling and disgraceful human behavior. I also witnessed some of the most breathtaking and magnificent human behavior. One thing always stood out. The request to be forgiven and the forgiveness of the forgiver. Requesting to be forgiven by the wrong doer and the act of forgiveness by the wronged brought about the most amazing transformation in both parties. When this happened I observed on many occasions that the action occurred on a "soul level" and there was a "cleansing" of both souls. The cleansing released the shame and ego of the wrongdoer and the desire for revenge in the wronged. Karen and Eben thank you once again. Your work is so important and I commend you for your grace and dignity."

David Ashton-Lewis

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