One Mind: United in Hope and Healing

A global community united in collaboration and mutual support throughout the COVID-19 crisis.


"Thank you for covering such an important topic. I believe the focus on meditation has never been more important for humans than right now. Now is the perfect time to practice silence and solitude, and people need to use this as a time for growing and learning about themselves and the world around them in a deeper way. Our interconnectedness truly determines our future right now."

Tom K.
New York, NY

"Wow - thank you so much! I had been feeling a lot of anxiety that mutated into depression this morning, but after doing the meditation (I did the full one from the download) I am just feeling wonderful and very grateful!"

Anne B.
Los Angeles, CA

"🙏🏻For this initiative and also for your body of work. I am listening to Karen’s voice since 6 months every morning having tested enthusiastically sacred acoustic recordings to deepen my meditative practice. Initially it was hard to generate feelings of gratitude, but it became easier when I focused on memories of joy or enthousiasm I could be grateful for. It generates a powerful sensation of release and positive energy you can feel in your entire body. As a radiologist myself I can only confirm that it is difficult to get an energetic “radiograph” of somebody but we are well equipped to sense somebody’s energy. Putting our own positive energy out there through meditation, art, collaboration or community actions is so much more rewarding than concentrating on the chocking news media generate in these difficult times. Thanks again for this beautiful initiative. "

Karen K.

"What a generous and positive contribution you are both making in these testing and precarious times!..I am most grateful to you both...As I'm an older person living alone, your support and encouragement - as well as that of other spiritual teachers at present offering help - have been a veritable lifeline for me in my isolation. Your most important contribution by far is to remind us of what and who we truly are - cherished spiritual beings, One with the Infinite Love Energy that is the source of all that is. May your work continue to unfold as blessings to all beings!...Gratefully"

Thalia Vitali

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